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A new DVD book collection is created and will start out with "Mendelssohn is on the Roof" by Jiri Weil, with the DVD of the short film adapted from the book and produced by Les Films de l'Arlequin.

  1. Yves Got

    Yves Got

    Born in Cahors in 1939.

    He began his career as an illustrator in 1968, creating abstract images for Hara Kiri, and then quickly moving into the ranks of Pilote and the Canard Enchaîné. His signature, cynical black vulture, the Baron Noir, was created in 1976 and satirically soared over the plains of French political comedy in the pages of Le Matin de Paris until 1981. Got has continued to publish in such newspapers as Libération, La Croix and Le Monde Diplomatique, and teaches cartoon drawing at the Emile Cohl School at Lyons.

    > Collection "Les Petits Dés Rangés" <
  2. J.R.R Tolkien

    J.R.R Tolkien

    Born January 3, 1892 in Bloemfontein and died on 2 September 1973 in Bournemouth.

    Principally known for The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, Tolkien began writing for his own pleasure in 1910, conceiving an entire mythology around languages of his own invention. The 1937 publication of The Hobbit made Tolkien a renowned children’s author. The appearance of The Lord of the Rings in 1954-55 made him a societal phenomenon in the 1960s. Tolkien would continue to elaborate his mythology to the day of his death – his unfinished Silmarillion would be published posthumously by his son in 1977.

    > Collection "Les Petits Dés Rangés" <
  3. Lucien Laforge

    Lucien Laforge

    Born in Paris in 1889 and died in the same city in 1952.

    His mother a painter of miniature tableaux and his father a violinist, Laforge hesitated between a career in music or drawing, but ended up choosing the path of illustration in 1910. Working for such publications as Le Canard Enchaîné and L’Humanité, he became known for his leftist commitment and anti-conformism. A staunch pacifist, he twice escaped being part of the slaughter of World War I. His innovative works often call out to the child in each of us through a style that is heavily influenced by Art Nouveau.

    >Collection "Fac Similé" <
  4. Michael Sowa

    Michael Sowa

    Born in 1945.

    Michael Sowa is a renowned German painter and illustrator. After studying at the Berlin School of Fine Arts, he became an art instructor before devoting himself fully to his career as an artist. His work has appeared on the cover of The New Yorker, and two of his paintings decorated the bedroom of Amélie Poulain in Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s Amélie. His whimsically disturbing images can be found in such editions as Sowa’s Ark, The Little King December and Esterhazy.

    > Collection "Les Petits Dés Rangés" <
  5. Daniel Vogel

    Daniel Vogel

    Daniel Vogel is a film-maker who has participated in the creation of many films for the cinema and television.

    > Collection "Les Petits Dés Rangés" <
  6. Lynda Yew

    Lynda Yew

    Linda Yew is an English and literature teacher. She enjoys fiddling with various art mediums and has been intrigued by furred and feathered life forms since her teething years.

    > Collection "Qing" <
  7. S.Madhavan & M.Chang

    S.Madhavan & M.Chang

    Madhavan is a freelance writer and editor who has never lived too far away from a cat. Michel Chang is the Programming Director of Channel 5, MediaCorp TV. She finds it therapeutic to paint on weekends and dreams of owning her own gallery on day.

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Collection Qing

Books for children that tell tales from far away

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Collection les petits dés rangés

This collection offers delightfully quirky books that entice through their text and their lovely illustrations. Pictures and words work together to tease and trouble the world before putting that world back into order, all be it a slightly different order. Just quirky enough to find a place for the astonishing inside of reality.

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Collection Fac Similé

La Mercurie travaille depuis le début avec des collectionneurs et des bibliophiles de Bécherel, petite cité médiévale d’Ille-et-Vilaine entièrement consacrée au livre. En accord avec ses amis libraires, La Mercurie redonne vie à de beaux livres épuisés.

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